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  • Excepted from the book "Calm" by Dr. Arlene Unger

Instant Serenity

Try this mindfulness-based exercise to give yourself a quick route to peace.

1. Sit or lie down somewhere comfortable with your arms and legs uncrossed. Close your eyes.

2. Summon an image that, for you, represents peace. It could be anything: a house on the beach, a unicorn, a coral reef, a forest, or a beautiful lake.

3. Spend some time filling in the details of the image in your mind. For example, imagine the color and the texture of the tree trunks in the forest, the shapes of the leaves, the sunlight filtering through the tree tops.

4. As you slowly inhale, think of that peaceful place and each time you exhale say the word "peace" to yourself.

5. Now place one hand on your chest and one hand on your abdomen and repeat the breathing and speaking. Try to feel the beat of your heart and the slow release of tension in your abdomen.

6. Continue to breathe for a few moments, allowing your body to relax. When you feel ready, open your eyes slowly and take a few more deep breaths before returning to the rest of your day.

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